Niles, MI new construction Niles, MI new construction Bar area. 198999566 Bar area, with natural stone looking edge. 198999567 Corner of kitchen with 90 degree drawers and flipper door in the countertop cabinet. 198999569 Nice open shelf cabinet in the corner, bumps out. Flipper door conceals the toaster oven. 198999570 Nice hutch area. The base cabinet bumps out and up. 198999571 Backside of island area. 198999572 Front view of island area. 198999573 Side view of island and furniture style pilasters. 198999574 The kitchen. 198999575 The master vanity. 198999576 The master vanity is a deep stained maple, with 3" posts. 198999577 The powder room vanity. 198999578 The powder room vanity, drawer open. A plumbers nightmare, but they handled it perfectly. 198999583 The range wall. 198999579 Built in refrigerator. 198999580 Beautiful Kohler farmhouse sink, and well done quartzite countertops by Z Stone of South Bend IN. 198999581 Soft closing recycle center. 198999582 The upstairs vanity. 198999584